Ecuador Launches New Digital Nomad Visa

Ecuador digital nomad visa
Photo by Juan Ordonez on Unsplash

A new digital nomad visa has been introduced by Ecuador, offering  low cost of living and unique experiences to remote workers.

The biodiverse Galápagos islands and the nation’s towering mountains and lush jungles are what make South America so famous. Digital nomads will have plenty of time to visit these breathtaking locations thanks to the new visa.

Remote workers will be allowed to stay in Ecuador for up to two years with the help of the country’s “Rentista” visa. A person who relies on rental income is referred to as a “rentista” or “rentier.” Niels Olsen, the nation’s tourism minister, promised “authentic and genuine” experiences while speaking at World Travel Market in London.

Ecuador Digital Nomad Visa Qualification Criteria

The “Rentista for Remote Work visa” is the formal name of the visa. In order to be eligible for a nomad visa, you must have:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months
  • A spotless criminal record
  • Evidence of a monthly income from abroad of at least €1,266 (three times Ecuador’s “basic pay”)
  • Additionally, candidates must demonstrate that they have Ecuador-specific health insurance and agree to pay a processing charge of €460.

The majority of nations are eligible to apply for the visa. But applications from Cuba, North Korea, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Libya, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Gambia, Ghana, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Venezuela, Senegal, Syria, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Yemen are not accepted.

The whole process takes about two to four months and applicants can apply on the government website.

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