Disabled Americans Reap Remote Work Reward 

disabled americans remote work

Disabled Americans reap remote work rewards with employment records.

After the pandemic, most people discovered new opportunities thanks to remote work. And flexible schedule and avoiding commuting are not the only benefits.

In the US, adults with disabilities are the second-largest minority group. After the Hispanics (19%) and before African Americans (12%), disabled Americans reached 13% of the population – 42.5 million people (2021 Census data). Furthermore, thanks to the pandemic, adults with disabilities could find new solutions to reaching high employment rates.

For example, almost 5.6 million disabled people between 16 and 64 found a job in August. However, the June record was even higher (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Further, the Kessler Foundation and the University of New Hampshire recorded a 37.4% labor-force participation rate in August – almost 5% more than in April 2020.

Remote work opened new opportunities for disabled Americans. Moreover, as the trend is growing, new solutions will arise to create a more inclusive work environment.


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