A digitalCHURCH for Startups! 

digitalCHURCH startup

The city of Aachen, Germany, launches a digitalCHURCH for startups. It will be the first co-working space in the suggestive nave of the former St. Elisabeth’s Church.

Norbert Herrmanns from Landmark AG and the digitalHUB Association partner together to reinvent the original meaning of churches. The innovative co-working space aims to gather professionals to grow a digital community in a free space.

The St. Elisabeth’s Church in Aachen’s northern neighborhood was built between 1904 and 1907. So, the architect Eduard Endler designed the building in the neo-Gothic three-nave style. And yhe massive space has been implemented since 2002. Finally, the Aachen-based architect Horst Fischer opened the gallery and former chapel hall on the ground floor. 

Now, the church opens its doors to startups and innovative entrepreneurs. The church has a separate space with huge windows. After being an exhibition and research space, the building becomes a digitalCHURCH for startups. So, the new headquarters of the digitalHUB Aachen e.V. provides a co-working space for startups, SMEs and industry. The goal is to create a dynamic environment to grow professionally and contribute to the local economy. 

The workplaces spreads across the nave’s supporting columns, with two long narrow desks on both sides. Furthermore, the intervention allows full flexibility, transforming the space-saving to its original settings. 

To conclude, traditional buildings are turning into innovative co-working spaces worldwide. And this tendency supports a new approach to work-life balance. Most people prefer a flexible workplace. And this digitalCHURCH for startups to meet other professionals sharing their ideas. 

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