8 Must-attend Digital Nomad Conferences Around The World

Digital nomad conferences

The pandemic will be over but the evolution it brought about is here to stay. The widespread acceptance of digital nomadism is one of the gifts that deserve mention. As more people flock towards a remote lifestyle, many choose to work on the go. They go from one destination to another in search of adventures, cultures, cuisines, languages, and maybe, inner peace. Digital nomads travel a lot and the best way for them to connect with other like-minded individuals is through digital nomad conferences and events.

While they do all the globetrotting, they also shoulder professional responsibility to keep their income intact. They also have their own professional and personal challenges that are unique to their lifestyle. That’s why it is important for them to have events where they can network with other digital nomads, find solutions, learn new things and make new friends. 

What are Digital Nomad Conferences?

A doctor looks for events that talk about the medical industry. They attend such events to network with other doctors so that they can expand their knowledge and grow. Digital nomad conferences are no different albeit they’re for digital nomads. They’re a meeting ground for the digital nomad community. 

These events aren’t just about networking. You’ll find keynote speakers and experts addressing your questions. They will help you solve problems related to taxes, budgeting, retirement planning, and more.

Digital conferences and events expose you to the latest tools, resources, and opportunities in your field. Moreover, you get to travel to different places to attend such events. That’s already a part of your lifestyle, so you’ll enjoy the experience!

Why Should You Attend Digital Nomad Conferences and Events?

There are many reasons why digital nomad conferences can benefit you. It’s always good to expand your knowledge about the lifestyle you lead. You can get answers to so many questions while networking. Just reading books or blogs around the topic doesn’t always help. You need to interact with those who are in the same boat as you in order to sail through happily.

Besides what we have already discussed, digital nomad conferences and events can be helpful in the following ways.

  • Boost your career with tips and opportunities from experienced digital nomads.
  • Make new friends.
  • Promote your professional work and projects.
  • An opportunity to break the monotony and socialize.

8 Best Digital Nomad Conferences and Events

1. Nomad Summit – Retreats in Southeast Asia

Digital nomadism may have come into the spotlight now but Nomad Summit is an annual event that has catered to hundreds and thousands of digital nomads in Southeast Asia since 2015.

This summit is open to you if you’re a digital nomad. That’s the only criteria! If you’re a location-independent professional who doesn’t confine themselves to a fixed 9 to 5 in one location, then you’re eligible to attend the event. Even if you’re a newbie in the world of digital nomadism, the Nomad Summit will be very helpful.

Find some more tips to avoid problems as a new digital nomad here.

At the event, you can expect a lot of interesting lectures, workshops, round table discussions, and opportunities for networking. This is a four-day event and isn’t all serious and boring. Buffet lunches and pool parties are a part of it all too!

2. Running Remote – For Remote Workers and Employers

If there’s an event that caters to digital nomads and their employers, Running Remote it is! This event is held in Bali, Indonesia every year.

This is an upscale event and the itinerary includes buffets and speeches, all hosted amidst the resplendent Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort. The main discussions at the event revolve around building remote teams and working together.

If you’re from a finance, marketing, software development, or web development background, this conference has a lot in store for you.

3. Virtual Working Summit – Everything is Online

The Virtual Working Summit lives up to the digital nomad lifestyle because as the name suggests, this event is virtual! 

Besides remote workers and digital nomads, you’ll also see other international employees and global teams at the summit. The seminars and lectures are free of cost and are downloadable for a fee after the event is over.

Everything is online. From keynote speeches to discussions and meetings, everything is hosted on the virtual platform. The main focus of this conference is the latest technology that helps remote workers and employers.

Equipping digital nomads with “smart work over hard work” is the mantra here.

4. Unsettled – Long Retreats With Other Digital Nomads

Unsettled is a virtual community with more than 1,300 members from over 80 countries! This diverse pool of members includes digital entrepreneurs who belong to creative industries. The event is hosted in amazing locations like Argentina, Colombia, and South Africa.

These “retreat-like events” last between two weeks to a month. If you participate, you’ll get to work and live with 20 other digital nomads! Your stay will be more like a home than a hotel.

The event is full of workshops and activities that revolve around digital skills. It is just right for you if you’re looking to sharpen your existing skills and learn new ones. 

5. 7in7 – For the Experienced Ones

If you’re wondering about the unique name of this conference, it has a reason to be called so. 7in7 are seven conferences in seven continents (one conference every year). Each of these conferences runs for seven days.

The event will help you in more ways than you can imagine because the topics of discussions and speeches are quite diverse. Whether you’re a digital nomad with children or having trouble with setting up your account with international banks, 7in7 is going to tell you how to deal with such challenges. From everyday issues that digital nomads face to long-term plans, everything will be addressed. This event is more for those who have some experience as a digital nomad. If you’re a newbie, this might not be of much help.

The first three conferences have concluded. They took place in Europe, Asia, and South America.

6. Flaks – For Remote Entrepreneurs 

Flaks gives remote entrepreneurs “adventure workations” every year. It is for those entrepreneurs who travel often and live a flexible lifestyle.

The event is hosted in August-September in destinations from Europe. The main focus of Flaks is leadership and networking. If you’re an entrepreneur-on-the-go, then this one is for you.

As a participant, you’ll enjoy team-building activities like yoga and hiking. Flaks’ founder Elmar Haker believes in crafting events that are peaceful, affordable, scenic, and inclusive. Being a member of Flaks isn’t a mandate for attending the event. You need to apply for a ticket and the sooner the better because this event gets sold out very quickly!

7. DNX Festival – Exhibitions and Musical Performances 

DNX conferences are for all digital nomads and have been held in many parts of the world including Berlin, Portugal, Argentina, and Thailand.

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or new to the digital nomadic lifestyle, this conference has a number of social events, musical performances and seminars to help you connect with others.

The conference has 50 exhibitions which is quite a big number. The participants get the opportunity to hone their networking skills while interacting with the DNX community.

8. PACK – Monthly Casual Retreats for Members

PACK is apt for someone who doesn’t like big events. It’s a global organization that plans monthly retreats with a local emphasis in urban venues like Bali, Tuscany, and Mexico City.

PACK gatherings are casual and visitors stay in fully equipped private rooms instead of crowded hotels. The members also get to live and work in places with access to parks and markets.

The conferences can only be attended by PACK members. The organization accepts members only after thorough screening and an interview. If you’re keen to be a part of the PACK community, you can apply online. 

Learn and Earn On The Go

There are so many amazing opportunities to connect with those who belong to the digital nomad community. If you’ve ditched the 9-5 lifestyle, it is time for you to find your tribe while you travel from one part of the world to another.

These digital nomad conferences and events can give you the necessary tools and strategies to constantly refine your nomadic lifestyle. Pick the one that suits you best and book your slots.

Not easy to remember all of these events? Bookmark this page and visit it at your convenience. You’re going a lot of places but we’re not going anywhere for sure. We’re right here to help you optimize your remote life.

Bon Voyage!


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