New Devon Work Hub Expansions!

Devon Work Hub expansions

The new Devon Work Hub expansions will spread across three different locations. 

After the pandemic, UK workers started to prefer flexible working spaces and hybrid arrangements. Especially in the countryside, the demand for alternative work solutions to avoid commuting has become very popular. For example, Devon launches a free desk day to encourage different work schedules. 

So, the Devon Work Hub network connected with three new locations to meet this growing demand. And, more importantly, to create new opportunities for better work-life balance.

The new Devon Work Hub expansions will be: 

  • Waffle Work (Axminster High Street): The community hub is free of charge to use. In addition, it includes on-site tech support and runs a free tech surgery on Tuesday mornings. Finally, the on-site Waffle House café provides homemade waffles and specialty coffee.
  • The Tribe (Totnes): It’s the smallest female-only coworking space in Europe, targeting a community of growth-driven female entrepreneurs.
  • Makers Mews (Ivybridge): The 300-year-old barn has been built with recycled materials. 

The new Devon Work Hub expansions will respond to growing demand. And provide new solutions for alternative workplaces based on sharing and connections.


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