Device Security Concerns with Increasing Remote Work

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A study by Forrester Consulting in collaboration with Absolute Software, reveals disturbing data that showcases the vulnerability of enterprise endpoint security. This could impact remote and hybrid workforces adversely which is why there is a need for better device security and resilience strategies.

Forrester Consulting Study Results

Organizations are facing the following challenges:

  • 59% cannot maintain or prove compliance.
  • 53% cannot enforce security standards like configuration and patch management.
  • 53% don’t know the health of security controls.

The Need For Endpoint Solutions

“With remote and hybrid work environments solidifying their place in long-term business plans and operating models, there’s never been a greater need for endpoint security solutions that enable resilience, healing, and operational agility. Allowing employees to connect and remain productive no matter where they are, while also keeping company devices, data, and systems protected, is a critical capability defining the future of work,”Christy Wyatt, CEO at Absolute.

Traditional techniques and methodologies for endpoint security don’t work anymore because with the introduction of remote work, the work world needs have evolved. This is why there is a need for evolution in endpoint security solutions too. Cyber threats are increasing by the day and this only necessitates the use of better technology. 

What is the Plan?

  • Firms are revising their security systems in order to keep up with the rapid shift to remote working. For 2022, the focus is on automation of the protection of sensitive data, security control health and geolocation of devices.
  • Very few decision-makers are able to measure the return on the security investments of their business. To better this, businesses need a lot more visibility into the health of security controls installed on endpoints.

With remote work being the center of attention across the globe, corporations can’t rely only on network-based security. Securing endpoint devices is absolutely necessary. 

Complete control and visibility of devices is important along with real-time insights in order to be able to make repairs autonomously when needed.

With all good and new things come a lot of challenges too. Evolution is great as long as there is ample research and solutions for the challenges that are foreseen. As for the unforeseen challenges, we shall cross the bridge when we come to it. For now, it’s time to fix the ones that are rickety and dangerous.

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