Denver Employees Will Start Returning to the Office in April

Denver Colorado

City and County of Denver employees who were working remotely due to COVID-19 will start returning to the office at least two days a week from April 4. According to The Denver Office of Human Resources, the new hybrid work model will help balance the needs of employees to increase in-person interaction while still having a flexible work environment. 

Many companies and governments have announced their latest COVID-19 measures in the past weeks. However, the pandemic hasn’t ended; it’s still more controlled than it was. Consequently, companies are calling their employees back to the office.

Work From Home is Coming to an End for Denver Employees

On April 1, phase one will end the remote work for most city employees in Denver. And on April 4, phase two will bring workers back to the offices for two days per week, with some flexibility in certain exceptions.

During phase three, which is estimated to be when summer ends, city leadership will determine when to add a third day of in-person work. 

According to Mayor Michael B. Hancock: 

City employees have demonstrated great resilience and productivity over the past two years, working to keep essential city services functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that our city is in a recovery phase and COVID-19 infection rates continue to decrease, it is time to increase in-person engagement with our residents and coworkers. My team in the mayor’s office will work in person no less than four days per week, beginning immediately.


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