Dell Says No To Promotions For Remote Workers

Dell announced a significant change in promotion policy for remote employees in their latest memo.

While remote work is still permitted, those working off-site won’t be considered for promotions or job changes within the company.

The memo reads: “For remote team members, it is important to understand the trade-offs.”

“Career advancement, including applying to new roles in the company, will require a team member to reclassify as hybrid onsite.”

The memo divides employees into two groups: “hybrid” and “remote” workers.

To qualify as a hybrid worker, employees must work on-site for a minimum of 39 days per quarter.

That means working approximately three days per week from an “approved” office.

Remote workers will also receive no funding for team onsite meetings.

Consequently, their remote status will be considered when planning structural changes such as workforce reductions.

This marks a major change from Dell’s previous commitment to a flexible working policy.

Dell’s new hybrid working model has not gone down well with its employees.

Inside sources claim: “The entire company has been complaining about this behind closed doors.”

Lastly, this is a source of concern for employees who are unable or unwilling to travel to an office three days per week.

Many employees are still not located near one of Dell’s “approved” offices, of which there are 17 in the U.S. and 26 globally.


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