Dahab: The New Egyptian Digital Nomad Paradise

Dahab digital nomad paradise

Dahab is becoming one of Bali´s rivals as a top digital nomad destination. It is a Bedouin fishing community commonly visited by divers from all over the world. Located 85 kilometers north of Sharm El Sheikh, this destination provides digital nomads with a vibrant community, recreational activities, coworking spaces, and more.

Now that most governments have eased restrictions and permissions to enter their countries, more and more projects surrounding digital nomads are taking place. Countries such as Portugal, Estonia, Mexico, and Egypt, among others, are even providing digital nomad visas for travelers who want to stay a bit longer. 

Egypt´s New Digital Nomad Destination 

Dahab is known for its great waters for diving, freediving, and snorkeling. The small Egyptian town also offers great recreational activities such as hiking, climbing, and camping in the desert. 

Besides all the activities, Dahab is also a great spot for digital nomads as it offers a low cost of living, community, and coworking space.

Cost of living: Digital nomads can cover all their needs by spending no more than $400 a month on rent, amenities, and entertainment. Dahab is known as one of the places with lowest prices for mobile phone and internet plans.

Community: The community of digital nomads in Dahab keeps increasing. There are even Facebook groups, such as Dahab Digital Nomads and Dahab remote workers, where newbies can meet other nomads.

Coworking spaces: At the moment, there are three major coworking spaces. CoworkInn, besides providing a space to work, also hosts activities like movie nights, parties, and Arabic classes. Rockn Dahab has great coffee and internet, and it’s perfect for those looking for a quiet spot to work. And finally, Mojo Co-Work café is also a great coworking alternative. 

In terms of visas, travelers can get an Egypt tourist visa when arriving at the airport. The cost is approximately $25 for 15 days, but you can extend it for 3 more months once you’re in the country. 


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