Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Requirements 


Last year Croatia announced its digital nomad visa that will enable this type of employee to work in the country for one year. What makes it different than other digital nomad visas is that this law is a year of free taxes for those working for non-Croatian companies. Here´s how to apply and its requirements. 

Croatia: Documents Required for its Digital Nomad Visa Application

  • All documents must be in English 
  • You´ll need to fill in an application form to request residency. This form can be obtained in the Croatian embassy outside of Croatia or in any Croatian police station. 
  • You´ll need a copy of your passport and other travel documents. Your ID should be valid for three months more than your intended stay in Croatia.
  • You´ll be asked to conduct a background check from your home country or the last country you spent a year before moving to Croatia (to prove you don´t have any criminal offenses)
  • Demonstrate that you intend to work in Croatia. 
  • Present a valid health insurance policy covering one year
  • Present documents or bank statements demonstrating you have enough income to support yourself while in Croatia. 
  • Provide an address in Croatia where you will be staying
  • If you´re married, you need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate 

How is the Application Process? 

EU and non-EU citizens can initiate the application process online. 

When you have all the documents ready, you can drop them at the embassy or police station. Your application will be accepted if you present all of the necessary documentation. Otherwise, you’ll need to present additional documents. 

While you wait for your residence permit, it’s advised that you don’t leave the country for at least a month. You can legally stay in the country while waiting for your residence permit to be processed and confirmed.  


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