Credit Suisse Releases ‘Maximum Flexibility’ Remote Work Plan

Credit Suisse Bank
Bern, Switzerland – February 18, 2012: The Credit Suisse logo in a window of a branch. CS is a globally active financial services company offering investment banking, asset and wealth management.

Credit Suisse Group AG is planning to introduce a remote work model that gives its 13,000 employees in Switzerland “maximum flexibility.” According to a statement from the bank, employees, depending on their role, will decide how they will distribute their time between home and the office. 

Flexibility enables employees to perform better and increase their productivity. For such reasons, companies started announcing their flexible permanent plans. Now, all kinds of industries, from IT to healthcare and finances, are implementing remote working plans.

Credit Suisse and Its ‘Maximum Flexibility’ Plan

The 13,000 Credit Suisse employees in Switzerland will be able to decide, based on their role and in line with their manager’s expectations, how they will divide their time. They can choose the days they want to work in the office, and the days they want to work remotely.

According to Bloomberg, Andre Helfenstein, Credit Suisse Switzerland CEO, said:

As we prepare for a post-pandemic world, our aim is to become more flexible and agile when it comes to working arrangements.

Credit Suisse took these new flexible measures after analyzing a 6-month internal study of how its employees performed under different working models. The study revealed that most employees are happier and perform better with a flexible structure. Additionally, the bank will also be developing other technology-based tools to enable better virtual collaboration.

The Swiss lender mentioned that this new ‘Maximum flexibility’ policy would roll out to the other 49,000 global employees. However, this will also depend on the pandemic situation of each country.

Other banks such as Citigroup and Deutsche Bank AG have also implemented remote working policies. However, Credit Suisse is not specifying the exact number of days employees will have to work from the office. Employees get to choose the schedule that adapts better to their working priorities.


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