Deutsche Bank Will Allow Employees to Continue Working Remotely

Deutsche Bank
POLAND – SEPTEMBER 5: Deutsche Bank on September 5, 2010 in Torun, Poland. DB is the largest German bank and 4th largest worldwide with assets of USD 2.43 trillion as of 2010.

Deutsche Bank recently announced that they are working on plans to let their staff work from home 40% to 60% of the time. 

Most companies will continue to embrace remote work after the pandemic. In the banking industry, big names such as Citi and HSBC are moving forward with a hybrid model that allows employees from home and the office. 

In contrast, JPMorgan Chase announced that despite remote work being a success during the pandemic, they want to return to their onsite model and expect employees to return to the office by July. 

Deutsche Bank Remote Work Policy

As the pandemic continues and vaccines are being distributed worldwide, corporations are announcing their upcoming work measures. And Deutsche Bank is one of the latest organizations in having their say on remote work.

The bank announced in March, on their Earnings Report, their plans to cut office space as a strategy to save money. 

Last week, James von Moltke, Deutsche Bank’s CEO, told Bloomberg that the bank plans to continue with a flexible work model allowing employees to work from home 3 days a week. 

It will really be up to the employee, but in a structured way with the manager so we know when people are expected to come to the office.

Von Moltke also mentioned that when onsite offices fully reopen, they still plan to continue with that flexibility, although there’s nothing certain at the moment. 

It’s very hard to say because it’s so location-specific. We’ve set rules for ourselves in terms of both what the government’s instructions were and the comfort that we have with our employees. And we’re going to execute on those rules over time. 

A spokesperson told Business Insider that most Deutsche Bank’s employees want to continue working remotely. According to an employee survey, a total of 90% wish to have remote work arrangements after the pandemic.

Also, the office spaces to which employees will return will be more focused on collaboration. Offices are going to be re-designed and reinvested to support the new way of working.


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