Companies That Let You Work From Anywhere (And Pay 100K)

Work from anywhere

FlexJobs identified the top 10 companies with work-from-anywhere policies by analyzing the higher volume of remote work ads between August and November 2022. Some companies offer high-paying salaries of more than $100,000 per year.

Remote work continues to be mainstream, especially since companies, besides offering flex policies, offer attractive compensation packages and benefits. 

Top 10 Remote Work Companies According to Indeed 

According to the data analyzed by Indeed, these are the companies with the higher numbers of remote work job postings these past months:

  1. Protocol Labs 
  2. Clipboard Health
  3. Omnipresent Group
  4. Wikimedia Foundation
  5. Cash App
  6. Trafilea
  7. Ripple Labs 
  8. Big Time Studios
  9. Coalition Technologies
  10. ConsenSys

All of these companies offer full and part-time remote jobs that don´t have location restrictions and don´t require time in the office. And most of them allow employees to work remotely from anywhere! 


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