Coffee Is Remote Workers’ Best Friend

coffee remote workers

Following the global pandemic and shift to remote work, Swiss company Nestlé reports an increase in sales. According to their yearly report, coffee is remote workers’ best friend. 

An anonymous quote cites: ‘Never underestimate the importance of being properly caffeinated.‘ According to recent reports and surveys, this is the new remote workers’ mantra.  

Last Thursday, Nestlé reported a growth of 1.5% ($46 billion) of global sales in the first six months of 2021. The most significant contributor to this growth was coffee. After these results, the Swiss company expects a further increase of 8.1% in global organic sales. 

Coffee is Remote Workers’ Favourite Choice

According to the platform, coffee is the most popular drink worldwide. Specifically in the US, the hot drink reached $5.2 billion in domestic retail sales. The sourcing for coffee increases up to 72% every year, and 28% in last quarter averages. Likewise, sales for coffee makers grow up to 69% yearly and 90% over Q2 figures. 

After the global shift to remote work, Statista reported that Americans drink an average of two cups of coffee a day. Especially working from home, the consumer’s habits are profoundly changed. Instead of bars and coffee shops, most likely, people will keep working from home, growing the at-home coffee market in a post-pandemic scenario. 

As Nestle CEO Mark Schneider said: ‘Organic growth was strong across most geographies and categories, with robust momentum in retail sales and a return to growth in out-of-home channels. Through fast-paced innovation, strong brand support increased digitalization, and stringent portfolio management, we have built the foundation for delivering consistent mid-single-digit organic growth for years to come’. 

COVID outbreak led to an improvement in the coffee market and the dynamic of its sales. As coffee is remote workers’ best friend, the at-home coffee market will grow and improve in the following years.


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