New Co-working Space For Black Women at Columbus City

co-working space black women

The Columbus City Council approved $500,000 for Zora’s House. The aim is to expand a co-working space for Black women. The funds will support the construction of a $4.5 million co-working center in Weinland Park.

The new co-working space aims to support Black women to start their businesses and expand their professional portfolios. The new space will be a site at North 4th Street and East 8th Avenue in Weinland Park. The building is the Short North and Ohio State University. And Zora’s House was located in Summit Street.

The organization aims to build the co-working space, including bedrooms for residency programs and office spaces on three floors. Furthermore, Zora’s House will connect women with mental health services.

Since 2018, the nonprofit group has been supporting over 3,000 women. The construction of the co-working space for Black women will start in October to finish in 2023. The Columbus Foundation and the Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing contributed $250,000 to support the project.

In addition to initiatives for local service shelters, the City Council aims to support the professional development of Black women. A co-working space is one of the most inclusive options to promote courses and workshops for professional development

After two years of the pandemic, flexible workplaces are a solution not only for offices and remote workers. It’s also an opportunity to create networking opportunities for growing professionals in a dynamic and constructive environment. 

Image credits: Zora’s House


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