New Co-working Space in Noida

co-working space Noida

India Accelerator launches a new co-working space in Noida. 

Indian workers keep their preferences for remote and hybrid solutions. As a result, more solutions for flexible workplaces are coming up everywhere in the continent. Now, India Accelerator will launch a new co-working space in Noida.

The co-working provider will provide a 20,000 sqft area for companies, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. This project is the fifth initiative from the company. The center will promote a digital-first approach, providing high-tech equipment and safety standards. 

So, India Accelerator invested $3,50,000 to launch the co-working space in Noida with the following features: 

  • Mix of private cabins
  • Open seating
  • Meeting rooms
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Ergonomic furniture 

As Abhay Chawla, India Accelerator founding partner and COO, said: “The pressing demand for co-working spaces from this region inspired us to continue to create flex workspaces and facilitate growing businesses.”

The new co-working in Nodia will host a capacity of 250 seats. Opening on August 15th, the new space joins the trend of flexible workplaces and work arrangements. 

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