New Co-working Space for 250 People 

Co-working space for 250 people

A Co-working space for 250 people will open in Poole’s Dolphin Centre in early 2023.

As flexible work arrangements are still in demand, new solutions and openings are ready for the upcoming year. For example, the £ 3 million Foundry development will launch a new location in early 2023. The new space aims to attract freelancers occasionally using desks and businesses seeking full-time offices. In addition, the site will include the following:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Members’ lounge 
  • Program of events and speakers

The Foundry reception area will be on the first floor, in between the library and the former Brownsea House, providing different services like a job center, dance studio, or soft play area. As Foundry co-founder Adam Walker said: “It is a really exciting time as the build of Foundry continues to progress, and we’re now in the position to be able to share what our team has been busy creating for the aspirational business community of Poole. We are offering location tours for those interested in how Foundry can enhance their current workplace situation by immersing themselves in a carefully curated community, with the opportunity to make new connections and collaborate with members from a variety of sectors.”

The new co-working for 250 people will provide different memberships, fully representing the tendency for flexible arrangements.

Image source: Foundry Co-working


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