Red Hat Prioritizes a Flexible Work Model

Flexible work model
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Red Hat will give its almost 20,000 employees the option of whether or not to work from office.

In a blog post, Red Hat Chief People Officer Jennifer Dudeck stated that the company is aiming for a “office-flex” model that will allow staff to “come to the office as much as they need to, or not at all if they choose.”

Some of Red Hat’s “tech peers are pulling employees back to the office,” according to Dudeck, but Red Hat feels this isn’t necessary for success since it values flexibility.

“With COVID-19 still a concern for associates caring for immunocompromised loved ones, no Red Hatter is required to be in an office if they do not wish to return.”Jennifer Dudeck, Chief People Officer, Red Hat

Only 20% of IBM’s US employees are in the office three days a week or more, according to Arvind Krishna, CEO of Red Hat’s parent company IBM, who recently spoke with CNBC. According to him, the percentage would never get beyond 60%.

According to Dudeck, 30% of Red Hat’s employees worked remotely before to the pandemic.

According to her, the strategy increases trust, increases flexibility, and offers staff members the ability to adjust to work and family demands. Additionally, it helps attract candidates in a competitive market for high-level IT talents.

“The benefits of expanding flexibility also don’t just accrue to associates – our approach allows us to unlock a wider talent pool and create a lasting employer-value proposition. Not being limited by location when hiring provides a much broader opportunity to attract and retain great associates, especially when it comes to diverse talent.”Jennifer Dudeck, Chief People Officer, Red Hat

Red Hat has also been considering ways to remodel its premises to bring people back now that they are not compelled to come into the office.

The “office is a vibe,” according to Dudeck, who claims that “the office is where we used to work,” but that it must now be more. For this reason, it has been looking at “what makes coming to the office enjoyable and fun.”

The “neighborhoods” at Red Hat’s headquarters include “far fewer desks and more booths, couches, and small collaboration spaces,” as well as more video conferencing technology, allowing employees to hold remote meetings from “almost any room.”

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