Block Opens Co-working Gym in Plymouth

co-working gym Plymouth

Workspace provider Block launched a new co-working gym in Plymouth’s Royal William Yard. 

Following the growing demand for flexible workplaces, Block launches a new co-working facility in Plymouth, adding a 60-station gym. The space will provide offices, a cafe bar, and a co-working space for flexible workers. Furthermore, members will be able to access a 24-hour gym starting from £39.95 per month.

To launch the new space, the company renovated the 200-year-old Melville Building as part of the wonder regeneration of Plymouth’s Royal William Yard. Architect Sir John Rennie built the building between 1826 and 1835. And the yard was finally released from the Ministry of Defence in 1992.

Now, the co-working gym adds to the activities in the area to provide a new space to improve work-life balance. 


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