Citigroup Plans London Headquarter Transformation For Flexible Work

Citigroup flexible working
Photo by Joshua Lawrence on Unsplash

With the announcement of fresh plans to overhaul its London headquarters, Citigroup is providing its vision for the future of flexible work.

In a huge bet on the future relevance of in-office work in a post-pandemic world, the Wall Street bank is overhauling its landmark Canary Wharf Citi Tower, which houses its U.K., Europe, and Middle East businesses.

The 42-story tower will be renovated with flexible working, team collaboration, and technology at its centre, according to the blueprints, which were presented this week accompanied a video preview.

“Our aim is to create an environmentally sustainable, innovative and exciting place to work, incorporating modern design, state-of-the-art technology, and best practices in employee and client spaces.”David Livingstone, Citi’s EMEA Chief Executive

The environmentally friendly designs will attempt to reduce energy usage and include a succession of green spaces as well as a public meeting point on the ground floor.

“Well-being has been put at the heart of the project by introducing innovative collaboration spaces, enhanced connection, state-of-the-art amenities and impactful access to greenery, promoting biophilia.”Yasmin Al-Ani Spence, Director, WilkinsonEye

The completion date for the project is set for 2025, and the estimated budget is £100 million ($133 million).

Even as London was warned of a post-Brexit exodus, Citi purchased the 20-year-old building in 2019 to show its continued commitment to the city as a financial hub.

“Citi Tower is a significant investment in our people and our growing business in the UK and the broader EMEA region.”David Livingstone, Citi’s EMEA Chief Executive

Recently, Bank of Ireland opened remote working hubs for its staff too, which shows how the financial sector is moving towards a more remote work friendly model.

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