Remote Work and Gaming Demands Fuel PC Market 

remote work gaming demand

Remote work and gaming demands will fuel the Chinese PC market for the next year.

According to International Data Corp, remote work and gaming demand are rising in China’s PC sales. Numbers grew 16.1% in 2021, and they expect a 6.6% growth in 2022.

After the shift to digital workplaces, demand for display, chip, and security upgrades increased worldwide. As a result, more tech leaders, including AppleSamsung, and Citrix, improved their devices targeting distributed teams. 

Even in a post-pandemic scenario, most companies are postponing the official return to offices opting for hybrid models. Especially in China, the demand for tech devices is exponentially increasing.  

Here are the latest releases due to virtual work and gaming demand: 

  • MagicBook 14 laptop models: Honor, part of Huawei Technologies (2020) launched models for laptops. The new interface Magic OS For Windows provides integrated services for smartphones and smart devices. As a result, users can connect and syndicate applications while working on multiple devices. 
  • 3D technology SpatialLabs: Acer launched new models to support 3D display effects with naked eyes. The feature is available in 15-inch Acer laptops. And designers can easily create commercial displays in 3D.

While the debate between virtual vs. on-site work is still going, remote work and gaming demand are shaping the PC market. New releases target people that need to work from home and offices, facilitating the connection between devices and accounts. 


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