Capital One: New Hybrid Model for Employees

hybrid model

RICHMOND_ Employees want to return to the office only with a flexible solution. And Capital One launches a new hybrid model to encourage team members to come back. 

Last Tuesday, Capital One fully reopened its offices. Following pandemic restrictions, the company shut its physical workplaces implementing remote arrangements for over two years. After that, they realized that employees aren’t so happy to return to the office lifestyle.

So, the company launched a new hybrid model to call back employees. In short, Monday and Friday are work–from-days. And from Tuesday to Thursday, team members are encouraged to go to the office based on their commitments. 

As VCU Health Clinical Social Worker Karen Landrum said: “It’s a big transition, and the thing to remember is that we’re different people now; it’s not as if we’re going back and we’re the same people we were two years ago. We’re different. We’ve changed, society’s changed, even the work environment has changed.”

So, this new hybrid model follows a global trend towards alternative and flexible workplaces


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