Canadians Worry Remote Work Might Limit Their Career Growth

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According to the Angus Reid survey for tech giant, Cisco Canada, 46% of Canadian workers believe in-person workers have more career growth opportunities than those who work remotely.

While Canadians are worried about remote work-related career growth problems, at the same time, more than three-quarters feel that work location and working hours flexibility could influence their decision to stay in a job.

“Hybrid is not a one-size-fits-all, and every organization will need to define what work looks for them and what it looks like for their employees.”Shannon Leininger, President, Cisco Canada

According to Leininger, workplaces have to ensure that technology is up-to-date in order to sustain a hybrid approach.

The survey also found that 82% of employees do not actively participate in virtual meetings. Managers may need to change their approach and set up an encouraging environment for more participation. 

“We also need to re-think the office space and the office footprint. If we return to work, it might not be individual desks anymore, but might be more collaboration spaces where teams can come together.”Shannon Leininger, president of Cisco Canada. 

The survey gave positive results for factors like work-life balance where 71% of respondents said working from home has had a positive impact on their work-life balance.

58% of respondents said their companies plan to move to a hybrid work model and 14% said their workplaces will be going fully remote. Only 13% are expected to be in the office full-time.

According to the survey, Columbians are the least likely to work remotely, with only 64% doing so while 74% in Ontario and 66 % in Alberta are working remotely.

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