Canadians Relocate For Remote Work Options 

Canadian remote work

Following inflation and low employment, Canadian relocate thanks to remote work options. 

After the pandemic, most Americans relocated to more affordable locations. Rather than big cities, people are looking for a new home in the so-called  ‘Zoom towns.’ As a result of inflation and low employment, this tendency is also increasing in Canada. 

A  study on the mid-pandemic Canadian job market shows an increasing trend due to remote work options. In the first 2020 quarter, Canada’s employment rate decreased 15% because of COVID-19. However, May 2022 statistics a 5.1% decline employments rate, reaching 4.9% in June. 

Researchers highlight different reasons, from inflation to the rental crisis. Furthermore, remote work options allow people to relocate to cheaper locations. 

For example, British Columbia, Québec, Ontario, and Alberta have increased their openings for technical and intermediate jobs. And Prince Edward Island has a higher demand for labor jobs compared to population size.

Finally, Edmonton and Mississauga, Ont., are the most attractive cities for digital nomads. Both towns offer high salaries jobs and a relaxed work-life balance. In addition, Saskatoon and Edmonton have higher average pay and low cost of living.

However, researchers expect a further recession in job openings. And most people will keep relocating to cut living costs. This worldwide tendency is supported by the spread of hybrid and flexible options to attract more talented candidates. And Canadians can relocate thanks to remote work options. 


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