New Calculator for Future Digital Nomads

calculator future digital nomads

A new calculator for future digital nomads will help people understand if they can start the nomadic lifestyle. 

After the pandemic, many Americans opted for a more flexible, and affordable, lifestyle. According to a recent study, over 48 million Americans want to become digital nomads – 16% more than in 2021. And the proliferation of visas and initiatives for digital nomads have helped the process.  

However, applying for a visa isn’t as easy as it looks. For example, you are 25 years old and living with a roommate. You can use a different type of visa than a 45 years old man with a family. Or if you want to go to Mexico or Malta. So, the travel writers’ group Goats on the Road launched an online calculator for future digital nomads. 

Users can enter their annual salary through the app to select the countries with available requirements. Thanks to the website, people can find out essential information. And make a decision based on their priorities, from staying a few months to a year.

The calculator for future digital nomads responds to a growing tendency towards a flexible lifestyle. Especially in the US, many people are attracted to different opportunities to cope with inflation and high living costs. For this reason, these tools support alternative lifestyle choices. 


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