91% of Companies in Argentina Will Adopt a Hybrid Model in a Post-Pandemic Future

Buenos Aires Argentina
Panorama of Buenos Aires, Argentina

A new survey conducted by D’Alessio IROL, a market research firm, revealed that 91% of companies in Argentina are planning to adopt a hybrid working model after the pandemic. 

Because of the COVID-19 situation, most companies in Argentina had to implement remote work. The country had one of the longest quarantines in the world, with more than 3 months of strict restrictions. As a consequence, businesses started digitizing their processes and figuring out how to make them work. 

9 in 10 Companies Want a Hybrid Working Model

D’Alessio IROL, a market research firm, surveyed the Institute for Business Development in Argentina (IDEA). Of the 250 consulted in the poll, 91% said they would blend in-person offices with remote work options in the post-pandemic future. 

63% said they would adopt a hybrid mode but only with a few teleworking days. And another 28% said that remote work is not a priority in their plans. 

According to Buenos Aires Times, one of the report authors shared that remote work is strongly consolidating in the country. 

More than 90 percent of companies would adopt a hybrid scheme, and the trend is increasing. A process of digital transformation was now reaching practically all companies. It’s an inalienable and irreversible phenomenon.


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