USwitch: The Connectivity List With The Best Remote Work Landmarks

remote work landmarks

USwitch released a roundup ranking network connectivity at iconic landmarks worldwide. Analyzing free Wi-Fi, speed on-site, and facilities, the research points out the top historical locations for remote work. 

In the era of quarantine and remote work, holidays are a distant memory. USwitch challenges the idea of working from home ranking the most iconic locations of the world. The list explores the most famous landmarks based on internet speeds on-site, free Wi-Fi in the area, and more. For the roundup, USwitch uses Nomadlist to compare Wi-Fi strength and overall costs for remote workers at these locations.

Among the best remote work landmarks, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is on the top list, thanks to free Wi-Fi and 67Mbps internet speeds on location. Furthermore, the second position is for New York’s The Statue of Liberty with 33Mbps on-site, followed by the Sydney Opera House (32Mbps). Likewise, in the old continent, La Sagrada Familia and Paris’ Eiffel Tower have internet and speed.  

For a different scenario, Machu Picchu Archaeological Park and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa are excellent remote work options. Remote work landmarks at the bottom of the list have connectivity under 8Mbps, which is too weak for virtual collaboration. This limit includes places like the Taj Mahal (7Mbps), the Great Pyramid of Giza (5Mbps), or Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls.

After a year of pandemic, the shift to remote work is still happening. Meanwhile, remote workers are inventing new habits to adapt to this new work structure. 


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