Singapore: Remote Job Postings Fall 25%, But WFH Demand Continues To Be High


Research by Indeed revealed that remote job postings in Singapore decreased by approximately 25%. However, the demand for WFH jobs among employees continues to be high. 

After more than two years into the pandemic, businesses continue building and restructuring their work policies. While some are flexible enough to let employees choose, others call them back to the office. 

Remote Work Situation in Singapore

In recent research by Indeed, they discovered that the number of job postings for remote work decreased by almost 25%. In contrast, keywords such as “work from home” continue to increase. 

Approximately 3.6% of Singapore searches on Indeed´s job portal are for remote work/work from home opportunities. Research shows that one in every 28 searches on Indeed are from job seekers looking for remote jobs. 

Senior Economist at Indeed, Callam Pickering, gave his insights on the situation:

“Singapore workers have been seeking greater flexibility and autonomy in the way they work, and this has intensified since the onset of the pandemic. Many businesses, on the other hand, may view remote and hybrid work as temporary.”

Whether for remote jobs or onsite jobs, one thing is for sure. Hiring activity in the country has remained high, and posting volumes continue to be elevated and consistent. By May 2022, Singapore job postings on Indeed were up 106% from their level. 


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