Best Buy is Adopting a Remote Work Permanent Model

Best Buy

Best Buy Canada recently announced that it is shifting towards a remote work-first permanent model for its 1,200 office workers. The company realized that productivity had increased and results had been positive despite the pandemic. Additionally, internal surveys show that employees want to continue working under a flexible model. 

Corporate employees of Best Buy started working from home in March 2020, after the company reported its first Covid-19 case. Teams and managers quickly adapted to embracing video conferencing and other remote tools. As a consequence, the company announced its permanent shift to a flexible work environment.

Best Buy Embraces Remote Work

According to Best Buy’s profitability and sales results, data shows employees have been more productive than ever during the past 2 years.

Additionally, a recent pulse survey revealed that:

  • 96% of the company’s corporate employees can do their jobs as effectively (or even more effectively) working from home than from the office.
  • More than half also mentioned that they only want to come to the office when it’s required, but not on a daily basis.
  • 25% think coming to the office between one and five times a month once the pandemic crisis recedes is the best option. 

The company opened a smaller office in downtown Vancouver which will be used as a collaborative space. Employees can use a mobile app to book a cube, an office, or a collaboration space. 

Chris Taylor, chief HR officer at Best Buy, says that the major concern for most directives and employees is socialization. However, the company plans to bring employees together regularly in events.


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