Bank of America Says Goodbye to Remote Work 

Bank of America

Bank of America recently announced that it’s fully returning to the office. Employees are expected to return to the office five days a week. According to the Bank´s president, returning to the office will enable them to build a more collaborative environment that is not possible with remote work.

In San Francisco, many companies started defining their upcoming work plans. Bank of America was one of the major companies that decided to start bringing employees back to the office. And while the past months were more challenging due to the COVID-19 situation, the Bank states that employees will gradually begin to return.

Bank of America Embraces Onsite Work

The Bank is among the few companies with a more aggressive approach regarding remote work. They expect employees to embrace full onsite work returning to a pre-pandemic structure.

In March, Bank of America shared its full-time return to office policy with its employees. And according to a statement, Gioia McCarthy, Bank of America´s President:

“I will tell you I’ve paid for lots of lunches and cupcakes to celebrate birthdays, and we’ve gotten creative on what the team wants to see. We’ve been really good about creating different meetings that people would be interested in, and all of those things collectively help people come to the office. They know there’s a reason to be here. If it’s not fun and it’s not social and you don’t get all the joy out of it, it’s really hard to think coming back to the office is a good thing. You just feel like it’s a chore then, so you have to work extra hard as a manager to help engage your team and figure out what makes them happy when they’re in the workplace.

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