Incudesk: Affordable Co-Working Spaces Are Transforming Workplace Culture

affordable co-working spaces

As most corporations adopt the co-working culture, Incudesk became a leader in the Bahamas. Offering affordable co-working spaces, the company is a center for corporations; digital nomads; and remote workers seeking new connections while working. 

At the beginning of the global lockdown, the Bahamas was one of the first countries offering a one-year visa for digital nomads. The country lost around 7.25 million tourists per year. Thanks to the Visa for digital nomads, the island saved the local economy.

Now that traveling COVID restrictions are lighter, Incudesk offers affordable co-working spaces to international businesses and corporations. Based in Nassau, Miss. Ericka Wilson and Mr. William Bastian created the company in 2017. Above all, the couple aims to create an affordable co-working space for big corporations and small entrepreneurship. 

Since the start, Incudesk is a pioneering company. The couple created alternative workplaces for remote workers. In the same vein, the new space at Old Fort Bay includes multiple facilities to promote networking and socialization.

The prices vary from $70 per month for a basic membership to $1,500.00 monthly for corporations. In short, the co-working space includes:

  • Boardrooms 
  • Daily cleaning services
  • Lockers
  • Associated equipment such as projectors, microphones, conference phone system, Internet, basic utilities, printing, and so on 
  • Hot beverages and food

In addition, the space allows 24-hour access, with an automatic keyless entry and front desk concierge services. Finally, businesses can use Incudesk as a physical and postal address for their companies.  

With a basic membership component, clients can access any locations for meetings and daily work. Offering affordable co-working space to companies and corporations, Incudesk is a great resource for the country. Especially after the pandemic, other countries launched similar services to attract remote workers and digital nomads. 


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