Americans Prefer Hybrid To Remote Work

For the first time since the pandemic, more workers prefer hybrid work arrangements than fully remote setups.

This is according to a new “State of Workers” report by Morning Consult, published on Tuesday. The company surveyed 3,389 employed adults in January.

As shown in the survey, 29% of employees prefer hybrid work, while 23% prefer remote.

That marks a shift from January 2023, when 25% preferred hybrid and 27% preferred remote work.

Still, most workers say they currently do most of their work in person. The vast majority (65%) worked in person, even if only 46% of in-person workers preferred it.

Those who work remotely said a flexible dress code, greater compensation for childcare, and lower commuting costs would motivate them to go into the office.

Even if Americans prefer it, hybrid work remains uncommon. Only 12% would use the term to describe their current work habits.

However, a strong plurality of adults (30%) say they will seek hybrid work opportunities when applying for future jobs.

The trend of seeking hybrid jobs was especially apparent among Gen Z adults and Millennials.

Finally, the survey also found that requests to return to in-person work full-time would likely not work well.

38% of surveyed employees said they would seek other job opportunities if their employers required them to do so.

On the other hand, 32% of employed adults said they would seek other job opportunities if they were required to work full-time remotely.


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