The 28 US Cities Where Managers Are More Opened to Allow Remote Work Post-Covid

Boston Harbor and Financial District at sunset. Boston- Massachusetts, USA

According to a recent survey by Robert Half, there are 28 cities in the US with the biggest percentage of managers saying that after the pandemic they will allow employees to work remotely.

Different types of surveys, including internal surveys from companies, show how employees want to continue working remotely when the pandemic recedes. Flexibility, better work-life balance, fewer distractions, are few among the many benefits employees experience while working from home. And now, that companies have started to outline their upcoming plans, a recent survey shows where managers are most likely to allow remote work.

28 U.S. Cities with Managers Allowing Remote Work

Robert Half, HR consulting firm, surveyed managers across the United States to see where most of them would allow remote work. 28 cities received the biggest percentages of managers that will allow flexible arrangements when things get back to normal. Here are the results:

  • 45% in Boston
  • 38% in San Francisco
  • 37% in Philadelphia
  • 35% in Dallas
  • 35% in Pittsburgh
  • 34% in Chicago
  • 34% in Minneapolis
  • 34% in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • 33% in Cleveland
  • 31% in Los Angeles
  • 31% in San Diego
  • 31% in Tampa, Florida
  • 30% in New York City
  • 30% in Seattle
  • 30% in Washington, DC
  • 28% in Indianapolis
  • 27% in Sacramento, California
  • 26% in Phoenix
  • 25% in Houston
  • 23% in Atlanta
  • 22% in Cincinnati
  • 22% in Detroit
  • 22% in Nashville, Tennessee
  • 18% in Portland, Oregon
  • 16% in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 16% in Denver
  • 16% in Miami
  • 13% in Austin, Texas

Now, with remote work becoming the norm, different cities and states are offering remote workers incentives as a strategy to attract them. Such are the cases of Charleston and Somerset, where they provide remote workers with cash incentives and different types of benefits.


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