American Express Will Let Employees Work Wherever They Want One Month a Year

American Express

American Express Co. will allow employees to work from anywhere they want at least one month a year as part of its strategy to offer greater flexibility. AmEx had previously announced that they would divide employees into three groups: hybrid, onsite, fully virtual, according to what Steve Squeri, Chief Executive Officer, said in a memo during Monday.

2021 is almost ending, and although some companies managed to call their employees back to the office, most of them continued performing under hybrid-work models. By 2022, the workforce panorama is likely to continue the same. Not necessarily because of the COVID-19 situation but because employees enjoy working remotely, and companies want to encourage onsite collaborative environments.

American Express Flexible Policies

American Express will provide employees with different working models such as hybrid, onsite, and fully virtual. The company expects most employees to work with hybrid schedules. According to internal surveys, 80% of AmEx employees said they’d like to come back to the office some days during the week.

Steve Squeri, AmEx Chief Executive Officer, said:

We expect that the majority of hybrid colleagues will be in the office two days per week on average and can work from home on the other days. We also expect that teams within a business unit will determine their schedules and will define common days when they are together as a team.

Besides the flexible work policy, the credit card giant is also adding a “work from anywhere” policy that allows employees to work as many as four weeks a year from a different location than their primary work location. In other words, they won’t have to go to the office during those weeks. 

All these new policies and decisions are based on the teams’ performance during the pandemic and based on the faced that employees enjoyed working remotely. For most U.S., U.K., and German employees, the new policies will apply until January 2022.


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