AMC Theaters Add ‘Zoom Rooms’ To Hold Remote Meetings

Could movie theaters become a hybrid work location?

Zoom has launched a partnership with AMC Entertainment to enable companies to hold remote meetings at AMC’s multiplexes.

They created “Zoom Rooms”, which allows businesses with dispersed workforces and customer bases to hold meetings or events.

“Zoom Rooms at AMC creates cohesive hybrid events and meeting experiences,” the video conferencing platform said.

The collaboration, first announced in late 2022, merges AMC Theatres’ sight, sound, and comfort with Zoom’s collaborative platform.

The program is available in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Kansas, San Jose, and Seattle/Tacoma.

It marks what AMC calls a significant expansion of its theater-rental business.

Zoom Rooms at AMC can be leveraged to announce exciting company news, release product to customers, and more.

The partnership is happening at the peak of the remote work age, where technology allows employees to collaborate seamlessly.

Zoom Rooms represents a groundbreaking fusion of technology and entertainment that helps transform meetings into immersive experiences.


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