According to Billionaire Alan Sugar, Remote Workers are “Lazy gits, watching golf, tennis at home”

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British billionaire Alan Sugar created controversy through a set of tweets about remote work. Besides claiming that remote workers are lazy and watch tv instead of working, he also said they should be paid less than those who go to the office. 

Alan Sugar is not the first business magnate to create controversy due to his opinions on remote work. Elon Musk received backlash when he stated that everyone on Tesla should return to the office or look for another job. And most Wall Street Firms leaders are also expecting employees to return. 

Alan Sugar´s Tweets About Remote Work

The 75-year-old billionaire, who is an author, TV personality, and political adviser, commented after a discussion on Good Morning Britain about if employees need to be provided for working at home. 

He tweeted:

Alan Sugar WFH tweet

To what he later added: 

Alan Sugar tweet

People didn´t take this nicely and quickly answered with comments such as: 

Reply to Alan Sugar´s tweet

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