Airbnb: New Feature To Test Wi-fi Speed

Wi-fi speed

Airbnb launches a new feature for digital nomads and travelers. Listing their accommodation, the company adds the Wi-fi speed as an element to consider when traveling. 

It isn’t a secret that most countries are targeting digital nomads after two years of travel restrictions. In addition, the tourism industry is adapting to meet digital nomads and remote workers’ priorities. Turning apartments and hotels into co-working spaces, the new idea of tourism targets long-stay travelers that work remotely.

In fact, most remote workers are taking the opportunity of working remotely for long-stay travel. Especially thanks to Visa initiatives, more people decide to move into a different country while their company allows remote work.

Airbnb embraces this new trend. The company adds a feature to give visitors an accurate idea of the Internet connection in each of their accommodations. Initially, hosts used to share their experience reporting Wi-fi speed and comfort to work remotely. Now, this new feature tests The Wi-fi speed through the Airbnb app, letting travelers know in advance if they will be able to work remotely.  

Internet connection and co-working spaces are now two priorities for those traveling while working. While the world is moving to lighten up COVID restrictions, the tourism industry is adapting to digital nomads and remote workers’ habits.


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