Activision Faces Accusations Of Illegal Firings Over Remote Work Policy Protest

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Photo by Fábio Magalhães on Unsplash

Activision Blizzard Fires Game Testers For Using “Strong Language” During Their Protest of The Company’s Remote Work Policy

Activision Blizzard, the maker of popular video game “Call of Duty,” is facing accusations of illegally firing two game testers for using “strong language” during their protest against the company’s new policy that limits remote work. The Communication Workers of America (CWA) filed a complaint with the US National Labor Relations Board seeking to have the workers reinstated. They’ve also been campaigning to unionize the firm and its subsidiaries. 

Activision recently announced that employees would be required to report to the office three days per week beginning in April, ending a policy that had allowed more flexible arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CWA claims that the change received an overwhelmingly negative response from employees, leading to the firing of two testers who protested using strong language.

Previously, the labor board had accused Activision of threatening employees who posted on social media about their working conditions and withholding raises from pro-union workers. The company denies these allegations.

Activision’s spokesperson stated that appropriate disciplinary action is taken when employees violate the workplace code of conduct. The CWA hopes that the labor board will use this case to revisit a 2020 ruling that limited legal protections for workers who use vulgar or offensive language during workplace disputes.


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