78% of Remote Workers Feel They Could Get Fired for Refusing to Return to Office


A survey of 800 remote employees conducted by productivity software company OSlash revealed that nearly 80% believe that they could get hired if they refuse to return to the office.

Most employees want to continue working remotely. However, employers don´t feel the same way. While companies have more flexible work arrangements after the pandemic, many still feel that returning to the office is the best solution. Consequently, for most employees, refusing to return can make them lose their job.

Remote Work Survey: Key Findings 

Elon Musk was one of the first big tech leaders who openly said that those employees refusing to come back to the office should look for another job. While not every leader agrees, many companies still want their employees back at the office. 

However, for employees, returning to the office means losing the freedom and flexible schedule they have been used to for almost three years. Consequently, according to the survey, 78% are willing to take a pay cut to continue working from home. 

Half of all remote workers surveyed chose money as a key incentive to go back to the office, with employees seeking at least $500 to return to the office.

Other benefits highlighted by employees are flexible scheduling, free food, more holiday time, a four-day work week, allowing pets, and a petrol stipend. 

Other key findings:

  • 30% of employees in the Middle Least are highly likely to look for a new job next year.
  • Nearly 60% of employers said they would be happier with employees resining rather than returning t the office. 
  • 12% of employers used a return-to-the-office policy to fire employees without having to lay them off. 

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