Accountant Online Opens 100 Tech And Accountancy Remote Positions

remote positions

Online accountancy firm Accountant Online will create 100 new tech and remote accountancy positions. The UK and Ireland-based company aims to triplicate its workforce with hybrid and remote models. 

Currently, the accountancy firm counts 51 employees spread in Dublin, Derry, and Letterkenny offices. Following the experience of remote work during COVID, the company allows hybrid and remote solutions to the whole staff. 

The company experienced a 45% turnover increase during the pandemic. So, Accountant Online relied on remote strategies to improve their staff work-life balance. Opening remote positions and allowing hybrid solutions, they will reach €3m by March 2022. And they expect a further increase to €10m by 2026. 

The new job opening will be related to technology and accountancy skills. In addition, the company aims to expand the recruitment team. The aim is to bring Accountant Online’s workforce to 150 people by early 2026.

Since 2015, the company has worked with over 2,000 clients across the tech, software, and consulting fields. As founder and CEO Larissa Feeney says: “When I set up the company, the accountancy industry was still at a very traditional stage. While there has been a lot of digital transformation in the industry, there is still a lot more room for clients to benefit from further innovation and digitization.”

The company is expanding the staff with remote positions to welcome digital innovation. Accountant Online uses automation and AI to optimize and speed up the process for its clients. So, the Irish company is more confident than ever in promoting more remote positions. 


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