Best Accommodation Operator in 2022

accommodation operator

The Publican Awards shares the finalists for the 2022 edition. For the best accommodation operators, finalists are Daniel Thwaites; Liberation Group; and PubLove.

Pubs and cafes have always been a landmark. For partying or working, public spaces are part of everyone’s routine. During the pandemic, restrictions highly impacted the industry. 

Now that COVID rules are lighter, and people travel more. As a result, the Publican Award selects the best accommodation operators for 2022. In short, the initiative valued accommodation, hospitality, quality, and offer:

First, The House of Daniel Thwaites provides 220 letting rooms spread across rural locations, towns, and cities. The company aims to acquire building in conservation areas to offer a unique experience to its customers. After the pandemic, the UK business expanded its offer in nature following the slow travel trend. 

Second, Liberation Group manages 57 division sites. Rooms are designed to inspire a homely feeling, making any guest feel welcome. Including pet-friendly rooms, the company is ideal for travelers and remote workers willing to stay longer in one place. 

Finally, PubLove promotes the motto’ beer, burgers, and beds.’ After the pandemic, they expanded the offer to attract remote workers and slow travelers so that people could safely meet. 

The pandemic changed people’s habits. After over two years of restrictions, accommodation operators adjusted to new trend. As a result, most places transformed their market to welcome remote workers and slow travelers. And this tendency is going to stay for the upcoming years. 

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