75% of Companies in South Korea Will Continue Remote Work Scheme

Remote worker scheme
Photo by Akson on Unsplash

According to a poll released Thursday, the majority of businesses in Korea that have implemented remote work programs as a result of COVID-19 want to keep the policy in place even after the pandemic is over.

According to a recent labor ministry study of 620 enterprises that use remote work rules, 75.2 percent stated they plan to keep the policy in place or cut it back slightly once the pandemic is over.

Research Findings

  • Only 11.3% of employers plan to cease the remote work program once the pandemic is over.
  • 53.6% of enterprises eager to keep the program at its current level stated there was no difference in productivity compared to at-office work.
  • 20.5% noted management’s strong desire to do so.

More over two-thirds of employees at such organizations expressed optimism that they would be able to continue working remotely after the epidemic. According to the ministry, most working parents with young children favoured the remote work approach.

The remote work scheme and trend continues not only in Korea but in many other places around the world. Employers are choosing to stay remote because of the benefits they reaped during the pandemic. It made a lot of businesses realize that that they can save a lot of money and fire global talent with remote work. It’s a working model that can accelerate business at a much faster rate.

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