56% Of Managers Say Remote Work Is A Red Flag

56% of managers say it’s a ‘major red flag’ when employees don’t want to come into the office.

With so many RTO policies happening, a recent survey gives insight into how managers and employees feel about this issue.

The company Checkr undertook the survey. They examined 3,000 American workers, both employees and business leaders in management positions.

The results showed that 56% of managers see “red flags” if employees are passionately against returning to the office.

Regarding the same issue, only 38% of employees feel the same way.

The survey also found that 68% of managers want remote work to continue, while 48% of employees want the same.

Additionally, they found that 60% of both management and employees say that workers are overworked and stressed in the workplace.

The report also found that there could be a growing gap in Europe between management and employee attitudes towards RTO.

Major European employers, such as tech giants Google and Amazon, introduced RTO mandates.

Yet, the study found evidence that RTO mandates hurt employee satisfaction and did not improve a company’s performance.

These mandates can also have an effect on attrition. A global report by Unispace found that 42% of employers who have mandated returns have higher staff turnover.


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