York Hub Supports Remote Workers 

support remote workers

York Hub celebrates over 20 years of activity supporting remote workers. 

Since 2008, York Hub has been a small local business run by John Logan. As he said: “After 20 years of self-employment and running my own businesses, I looked around for the perfect working space where I still had my independence but could enjoy the sense of community that working alongside others brings. Nothing existed that fitted the bill back then…. so I decided to create it.”

York Hub initiated new strategies for flexible workplaces. In the city’s heart, the space offers a chill atmosphere to work and meet other professionals. A co-working space has the enormous potential to create new collaborations and connections, as well as share skills and tools. 

After the re-launch, York Hub offers even more flexibility to support remote workers. Members can access the workplace for a few hours or book for an entire month. And the access is 24/7. 

In addition, the space provides: 

  • Meeting room
  • Collaboration area 
  • Kitchen
  • Lockers 
  • Seating area
  • Courtyard 

The hub was a pioneer in supporting remote workers, offering a flexible and affordable solution to anyone.

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