Workers Would Sacrifice Remote Work For This Benefit

According to a new survey, there is one benefit that would entice people to sacrifice remote work.

Housing affordability can be a problem in the US. Helping with those costs could be what companies need to get employees back to the office.

In January, a study by insurance company JW Surety Bonds surveyed 1,020 employers and workers about office perks.

47% of respondents said they would be willing to return to the office in exchange for housing benefits.

Additionally, 69% said they would be willing to change their job or career for employer-based housing benefits.

This comes as more companies institute return-to-office mandates. Now, businesses like Tesla and Oracle are trying to use housing benefits to their advantage.

In short, housing assistance could be a stronger perk than many other traditional offerings.

According to the survey, 43% of employees said they would take less vacation time in exchange for help with housing costs.

Plus, 30% said they would prefer housing assistance over a pay raise.

This strong interest in employer-based housing benefits could redefine expectations of traditional compensation packages in the next years.

Companies would also benefit from the housing arrangement as the cost of living in an area already influences wages.

That´s why more companies should get directly involved in those expenses by offering assistance in rental or mortgage subsidies.


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