New “Workcation” Program For Remote Workers

"Workcation" Program For Remote Workers

On Wednesday, big data consulting firm Lotte Members announces a “workcation” program for remote workers. Starting this month, the company employees will allow employees to work from Jeju Island in a stunning hotel.

From working visas to sunny paradises to co-living options, remote workers can work everywhere on the planet. Embracing this trend for a healthy work-life balance, the Korean company launches a “workcation” program. Lotte Members employees will work from one of Korea’s most popular holiday destinations in a stunning hotel.

During the week, participants will only work Monday to Thursday between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The “workcation” program aims to combine work and leisure to improve remote workers’ work-life balance.

Ten employees will join the island for a week during each round of the eight-round program. This type of format is spreading as an alternative to traditional office schedules. During the pandemic, most companies saw an increase in productivity with more flexibility.

As Oh Sang-woo, the head of the business strategy at Lotte Members said: “For the last one year or so, we have implemented telecommuting […] Through the beginning of workcation, we plan on trialing and adopting various types of work environments that work in these changing times.”

Companies are trying new alternatives for hybrid models that help remote workers keep higher productivity in a healthy environment. The “workcation” is a unique experiment spreading across different companies.


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