‘Work From Home’ Top Search Term 

work from home search term

‘Work from home is the top search term on SEEK in the June quarter.

The keyword’ work from home’ surpassed ‘job title’ or ‘location’ last month. According to the employment portal SEEK, new users’ preferences highlight the priority for the Australian workforce

The preference for remote work stays high even after COVID restrictions. In addition, data shows that 61% of employees are willing to resign without hybrid and remote work options. 

The Australian unemployment rate reached 3.5% this year. And data suggest that remote work is still a convenient option for most people. 

New COVID waves are affecting the country. However, businesses carry on keeping basic restrictions and masks when necessary. And government always encourages hybrid arrangements. As Australian Council of Trade Unions president Michele O’Neil said: “Australia’s entire healthcare system will be compromised unless all employers control COVID-19 cases by stepping up and supporting the health and safety of their workers.” 

Finally, SEEK data suggests the ‘Great Resignation’ trend and people’s disillusion with changing their job positions. However, work from home remains the top search term. 


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