Work From Home Live: Inside Europe´s Biggest Business Event

London Excel

Work From Home Live took place in London Excel this week (16th & 17th November), where thousands of entrepreneurs and employees shared tips on remote working, how to set your new home office, the latest remote work technology, and much more!

And guess what? We were also part of the event! Luis Magalhaes, ThinkRemote´s Founder, shared the highlights from WFHL and interviewed many of the businesses present, and Sharon Koifman, ThinkRemote´s chairman, gave a fun and engaging conference about how to become a superstar remote manager.

Here are some of WFHL’s key moments!

Awesome Home Office Pods

Is your home office making you feel unmotivated or uninspired? Check out these great pods from Hully Garden Office that can help you get in the zone without distractions!

Or this wooden cabin ideal for home offices, a private gym, or creating a relaxing space (like a meditation room) from Slope Spaces: 

Workout Mirror

If you´re struggling with going to the gym, then this workout mirror is the perfect asset for your home! With Vaha, you can easily choose different types of workouts, and you´ll have a guide on how to do the exercises! 

Other Great Home Office Tools

WHFL had thousands of businesses with great home office tools such as the mirrors or the pods, but also comfortable and ergonomic chairs and virtual offices! 

Become a Remote Work Superstar Manager!

One of the highlights of the event where the diverse conferences held by remote work experts who gave advice to newbie entrepreneurs and professionals! 

Among the many talks, Sharon Koifman, DistantJob´s Founder and CEO, and ThinkRemote´s chairman, gave many tips and strategies to become remote work superstar manager! 

Here are some of the great advice he shared: 

  • Value your team
  • Focus on building connection 
  • Create a mistake-friendly environment
  • Prioritize asynchronous work over synchronous work

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