According to WeWork CEO Remote Employees are Less Engaged

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Are you worried that your employees are not fully committed? How’s the best way to spot unengaged employees? WeWork CEO said during The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival that those employees who want to continue working remotely are the least engaged ones.

Companies all over the world are changing the way they work. The pandemic forced most of them to work remotely, but now that things are getting back to the new normal, most of them will continue operating under a flexible modality. According to different research, remote workers are more productive and engaged. 

Here’s What WeWork CEO Has to Say About Remote Work

JPMorgan’s CEO was not the only one looking forward to an office-centric based culture. Yesterday, during The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival, Sandeep Mathrani shared what he thinks about the future of work. He believes that a hybrid future will take place in the post-pandemic scenario, but the office will always be a priority and essential to all employees. 

According to Mathrani, those who are looking forward to returning to the office are the most engaged employees: 

Those who are uberly engaged with the company want to go to the office two-thirds of the time, at least. Those who are least engaged are very comfortable working from home.

He also explained that non-remote employees are more engaged because they are happier when they go to work at the office. Most companies need to face the challenge of defining how many times a week employees would be working remotely. 

While Mathrani promoted why the office is a better place to work for all employees, people online had also they say. Most of them didn’t receive his comments well defending that remote work is better in all sorts of ways. 


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