Western Cape Becomes the New Outdoor Media Hotspot

outdoor media hotspot

Western Cape is becoming one of the most popular destinations as a new outdoor media hotspot. 

South Africa is a popular destination for slow travelers. For example, Cape Town made a massive effort to implement infrastructure to welcome digital nomads and remote workers. 

Also, for natural landscapes, the country offers diverse provinces. For example, Gauteng, known as the ‘place of gold’ in Sotho, is one of Africa’s most varied natural resource sites. Or, KwaZulu-Nataln offers a tropical climate and amazing beaches. So, the location is ideal for outdoor media hotspots. And group CEO at Tractor Media Holdings, Simon Wall, confirms that Western Cape is set to become the outdoor inventory hotspot for the upcoming year.

In addition, tourists are increasing in other cities, supporting the aim of attracting different people. For example, Wesgro’s Tourism Research Overview September 2022 revealed a recovery rate of 81% since the pandemic. Furthermore, the report highlights how the Western Cape’s hotel occupancy reached a recovery rate of 85%.

So, outdoor media lovers will find an ideal location in the country. 


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